My Pool Deck Display Table at the San Antonio Home & Garden Show

Me3Ok guys something I’m really interested in and coming up this fall is the San Antonio is fall Home & Garden Show. the home and garden show is all about gardening landscaping and has hundreds of  exhibits that give you really cool ideas and what you could do.

Sorry if I’m over excited but I’m really into gardening and backyard exhibits and really looking forward to the show. I love to go to the show because there’s always new things to look at and you products to buy always new people to meet and it’s part of my job it’s something I love to do.

My boss currently lets me  run a table at the show which allows me to meet all kinds of different people, so if you want to stop by and see me I will be at the Pool Deck San Antonio table,(booth 238) and we’ll be displaying DIY pool deck repair techniques, new concrete over laminate, concrete resurfacing, cool patterns for concrete stamping, awesome brickwork layouts and all kinds of other cool layouts that we can really do well.

I guess I get overly excited, with a passion of landscape architecture. This year I’ve been working on it real hard and got some really cool displays on I got some special feature lights they’re particularly cool and some really great design you’re going to design this year and some of our customers have taken advantage of the discount prices.



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